The Stewardship Foundation of Canada

The Stewardship Foundation of Canada exists to unambiguously support charitable donors with their giving. See your giving strategically advance the causes that move and inspire you.

Why Stewardship Foundation?

Conversations about giving are often framed as a pitch from the charitable cause, followed by a yes/no answer from the donor. This creates pressures on both the giver and the charity. We have been told by our donor friends that they:

  • Feel bombarded with requests and sorting through them becomes a burden.
  • Find their giving lacks a unified strategy and personal meaning.
  • Want to ensure that high impact faith-based causes have the support they need, even when those causes do not have sophisticated promotion (the hidden gems).
  • Understand that money is a true blessing but can weigh heavily when not balanced with thoughtful giving.
  • Often find that wealth does not foster emotional health, but instead can bring a sense of isolation. They wish for a trusted community of friends where they can be open about faith, money, and relationships.

The Stewardship Foundation of Canada has been created to help donors with these challenges.

The Benefits of Joining


One-on-one Advice

Including creating a solid philanthropic plan, support in matters related to philanthropy, a Stewardship Foundation Members-only mailing list and discussion board



Providing practical information and support to donors, access to workshops at no cost, ability to give direct input into the processes and services provided by the Foundation, including the events and workshops that you would find helpful.


Donor Advised Fund

Your charitable bank account, donor-advised fund fees waived.


Group Giving

Facilitating “deals” for donors to respond to community needs as a group with Stewardship facilitating the deliverables and reporting functions, access to facilitated group giving as a participant or initiator, and participation in group events made available to Stewardship Foundation members.


Community Building

The Stewardship Foundation community will host a variety of social events and speakers throughout the year. Be part of a community of peers who understand your desire to do effective and rewarding philanthropy


Intermediary Support

Introductions between donors and charities at the request of donors. Together we will make a clear line of sight between your desire to give and the transformation our world needs.

How to get involved

a. Join our private "Stewardship Foundation Giving Group" with access to a small confidential community of thoughtful and engaged donors. Email for more information.

b. Join our events mailing list.

c. Hire us to help you with your giving.

A note to charitable organizations, the Stewardship Foundation of Canada is not a granting organization. We connect with charities at the request of our members.  If you would like to send us an update on your work, please send a one-page summary to

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